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VM Calculator

Use the VM Calculator below to estimate the cost of hosted virtual machine configurations. Processor, memory, and storage options are set to the base options for a virtual machine hosted in the Campus Cloud. Because both monthly and annual billing options are available, both charges are calculated and shown but only one would apply.

Component/Option Setting Additional
Unit Cost
Hypervisor Base Charge $45.84
Guest OS
Select the Hypervisor option before specifying the Guest OS
No cost -
Processors $12.50/mo per Proc over 1 $0.00
Memory $3.34/mo per GB over 2GB $0.00
Storage Tier
Selected Storage Tier applies to all hard drives for the VM
Unit Cost reflected in Hard Drive columns -
Hard Drive 1 (GB)
$0.046/mo per GB over 50GB $0.00
Hard Drive 2 (GB)
$0.046/mo per GB $0.00
NIC 1 Included No cost -
NIC 2 Optional No cost -
Monthly and Annual calculations should update automatically. Click Update Cost to verify.